20 June 2016

Animating logos for We Rave Hard. The visuals will be used in their up coming shows.

8 March 2016

ICRAVE allowed me to give some concept ideas and make a few renderings using MA3D to simulate a lighting layout for LIV nightclub in Miami. 

6 June 2016

The final rendering of a new personal stage design. Haven't named it yet but will soon.

27 April 2016

I had the opportunity to work with Aron Altmark at Visual Endeavors. I made some great renders of a new concept touring stage for Tiesto. 

14 February 2016

Finishing up the last touches of the 3D printed Halo helmet I modeled using Autodesk Inventor.

​The helmet is fully scaled to fit.



3D VISUAL solutions

23 May 2016

Beginning to work on a new personal design to explore different ways to show accurate theatrical lighting.